Drama at Joshua Generation for Jesus

God is Good! When the Hebrews built the Tabernacle they were required to use the gifts and wealth God gave to them to build it. So at Joshua Generation for Jesus, He has required us to use the gifts of wealth and talent to minister to the people of Gallup and the surrounding area.

Drama is our major ministry next only to the preaching and teaching of God’s Word. We use all the people who are willing to serve God. If we have need we will ask other church bodies in the area to help us with in this ministry. We like to use songs as templates to tell the story for us, using Christian Songs or Songs from the ‘World’ we make the visual aspect of the song.

Dancing and Signing (using the American Sign Language) to songs is another way for us to minister to the people. The signing is not exact using only right hand motions but we involve the whole body and make a dance out of the sign motions. Dance interpretation is our way to present songs which speak a God’s Word for us.

We have used other artists work to minister to the Body of Christ. But we try to be original and present a picture that our Heavenly Father wants us to share. Thank God for the vision of dance and drama. Our God is very dramatic and full of motion and He has created us the same.

Although we do not have all our skits, plays or dances on YouTube, we have put some on that wonderful internet service.

If you are ready to serve God or have been away and burying your gift and want to begin serving come and see us. The Joshua Generation for Jesus will use you as God Leads.