Tech Team at Joshua Generation


Generation for Jesus is a busy place. The church body volunteers to help with plays, skits, live praise, conferences, weddings, funerals, visiting ministries for children and every Church Service. So we need a tech team who can handle all the problems that occur during these services.

Our first Technician is Pastor Dennis Gallegos, he has a hands-on approach to all events. With the speed at which a disaster can occur during any event, he has the electrical knowledge and experience as a former soundman to handle every situation. As a musician he has the understanding of what the music should sound like coming through the system. He has trained this team which is in place now.

The sound technicians are Marvin Sandoval and Brian Sandoval. These two men have moved the Sound Equipment many times to accommodate all events and understand how the equipment works. Many visitors have come to JGFJ bringing their own special style as they minister, after which they can only thank our sound men for their good work.
In addition to the sound is lighting. Joshua is set up like a theater with a catwalk and professional spotlighting this is a job Brian and Marvin do very well. Proper lighting is essential for special effects in the plays and skits setting the mood for each one. Without perfect timing our performances will lose the move of the Holy Spirit. We are excited to announce that Kristin Manuelito joined the lighting and video technicians.  She has an artistic eye for editing and also for lighting see her new uploads to the JohsuaGenChurch YouTube channel.

Nick and Monique Martinez with Brian Sandoval are the Computer Technicians. Without them, we lose much of our special effects. We use the Easy Worship program during our services, which provide the ‘writing on the wall’ for song lyrics and pictures and most important the scriptures being used for the service. Pastor Dennis is also the computer technician and has a clear understanding to its functions and potential using projectors to give the congregation what they need to join in worship and church service.

This team is fluid and in motion they never know what the Lord will bring to them for that day of service or song service or skit or visitor requests. Thank God for those who understand the move of the Spirit. If you are ready to join our team at Joshua Generation and are led by God to do so come and visit us today.
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